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How Often Should I Service My Audi?

Whatever Audi you drive you will no doubt love it and making sure your car stays in full working order is essential. This is as important for an owners of an early TT as it is to someone who is just reaching their first servicing alert on a new A5. Audi servicing is important and getting the work done at the right times will not only keep the car running as it should but help keep you safe and maintain the residual value of the car too.

Having your Audi serviced at regular intervals is important for many reasons, not least safety. By looking after your car and making sure you following Audi servicing dates and mileage recommendations you will minimise the risk of a dangerous problem with the car. Breaking down anywhere can be a worry, doing so on a motorway can be a serious concern, why risk a break down when having your car regular serviced can help avoid the situation completely. It is worth remembering that the used car market is full of cars that do not have a full service history. By making sure you keep up with your Audi servicing guidelines you will actually help to keep the residual value high; a fact you will be very pleased about when you come to sell the car.

Audi as German manufacturers are known for making highly reliable cars but Audis offer so much more than just German efficiency. As a brand Audi have successfully created desirable and highly popular cars right across the different segments from sporty Audi TT right through to large SUVs like the Q7.

Your Audi requires regular servicing to ensure that your Audi is always maintained at peak performance, working at maximum efficiency, and so that you can trust your Audi to keep you and your family safe, as safety checks are a vital component of your Audi’s service. Furthermore, keeping your service record properly up-to-date will help maintain your Audi’s residual value high.

How Often Should I Service My Audi?

Less than 10,000 miles a year – Every 12 Months If you mainly drive in towns, frequent stop starting can put more strain on your engine, so we would recommend having your Audi serviced every 12 months or every 9,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

More than 10,000 miles a year – Every Two Years

If you tend to drive a lot more on open roads, dual-carriageways and motorways with an annual mileage of over 10,000 miles a year, we recommend having your Audi serviced every two years or 19,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The service intervals for your specific model are given in your Audi service record book. If you have any questions about servicing your Audi, please contact The Autopool.

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