Furniture and Storage Accessories for Bathroom

storage cabinet
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A practical look at the geometry of the room will help you maintain order in your bathroom. Fill up space under the sink by adding a spacious cabinet there. Place a narrow, compact bathroom storage cabinet in the corner. Replace your standard wall-mounted mirror with a cabinet with mirrored doors to add extra storage space in your bathroom.

If there is a gap between the bathtub and the wall, you can put a compact rack there. Shelves above the bathroom door will help you rationally organize your space and gain some more storage space. On the walls you can install rails with baskets for storing shampoos and other care products.

bathroom design
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Take a closer look at the elegant baskets made of wicker and rattan from VASAGLE – thanks to them it is easy to organize the placement of everything you need. These original accessories will add coziness to the interior and will be an excellent option for storing towels, linen, and necessary small items.

How to store household chemicals in the bathroom

If, due to lack of space, you do not know where to store powder, household chemicals and cosmetics in a small bathroom, we suggest using the area directly under the bathtub. Create your own storage systems or purchase ready-made ones. By closing them with a sliding screen, you will maintain the visual cleanliness of the room and be able to easily get detergents while cleaning.

Hanging mirror cabinets

A great place to store chemicals is in hanging mirror cabinets. They are roomy enough to hide jars and bottles from prying eyes. An added bonus is that the cabinet doors can be viewed as if they were a regular mirror.

bathroom cabinet
Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

Cabinet under the sink

A classic cabinet under the sink is also suitable for storing household chemicals. In addition, such furniture will hide pipes and communications.