Is Artificial Grass for a Pool a Good Idea?

pool near the fake grass
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person sitting near the pool and fake grass
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Whether artificial grass for lawn upgrade is suitable for a pool is mainly determined by what is underneath it. From a technical point of view, the layer of this material itself has little effect on the stability of objects placed on it – especially large and heavy objects, such as a pool filled with water.

It is worth emphasizing here that, according to most experts, concrete slabs will be the best substrate. It would also be a bad idea to use a home lawn for this purpose, because even if used for a short time, the grass left under the bottom will turn brown or even completely rot. Therefore, if we want to have a pool and at the same time take care of the greenery, it is better to mount a structure with water on an artificial grass for lawn revamp.

What to look for when buying and laying pool grass?

It is important that the installation of artificial grass under the pool is carried out correctly. First of all, you should start by choosing the right product that is durable, pleasant to the touch and waterproof. It should also be remembered that even though the laid grass has certain insulating properties, they are not comparable to professional mats, so it is recommended to use both solutions.

pool with artificial grass
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Installation should not be difficult, although it is necessary to remember about the correct fastening to the ground, without which the edges of the material may bend and the whole structure will not be sufficiently stable.

Is artificial grass for lawn reconstruction suitable for swimming pools? Of course, yes! However, it must be remembered that this is not an independent substrate, but rather a decorative element that allows you to hide the tile.