Is it Possible to Ride an Electric Scooter in the Rain?

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Every day, electric scooters have new fans. Accordingly, the number of issues related to this type of transport is also increasing. For example, is it possible to ride an electric scooter in puddles or during rain, because its design includes parts that should not come into contact with moisture. If your electric scooter got into the pool, it does not mean that it will stop working. It’s the same with the rain.

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Rules of operation of the electric scooter in wet weather

Original electric scooters from Circooter are an excellent urban transport for the warm season and dry weather. But there are also those who decide to exploit it during rain or snow. You can do this if you follow certain rules:

  1. It is important to ensure that the motor wheels do not end up in a puddle. You also need to try to protect the transport from getting moisture on its sensitive components, otherwise a short circuit is possible.
  2. The electric scooter must be used very carefully in the rain. A serious danger for the rider can be a wet road surface, which becomes slippery. The maximum permissible speed in such conditions is 20-25 km/ h.
  3. Using an E Scooter in bad weather and even falling under heavy rain, you can continue moving, but first turning off the power supply.
  4. Riding in the rain, it is not superfluous to use waterproof shoes and clothing. And to keep things dry, you can use a waterproof case.
  5. After finishing the operation of the electric scooter, it needs to be cleaned, since dirt can get inside the bearings, brakes, shock absorbers and other parts together with water, which will lead to creaking or premature wear of the mechanisms.
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If you had to use an electric scooter in the rain, you should take care of protecting its electrical components. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid getting wet, it is best to contact a specialist who can professionally cope with the trapped moisture and its consequences without harm to the electric scooter.