Is It Safe to Ride an Electric Scooter Near the Pool?

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What to do if your electric scooter accidentally falls into a pool full of water? Follow four important steps.

Step 1: power off

First of all, turn off your vehicle if, after getting wet, it is still in an active state. This is done in the traditional way – you do not need special tools.

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Step 2: wiping the body and everything

It also happens that the off road electric scooter fell into the water, but did not stop functioning after that and still continues to partially respond to user commands. In this case, after deactivating it, dry the housing from the outside and, if possible, from the inside. Perform this action with a soft, clean and dry cloth. After the wiping procedure, leave the product for a day or even more.

Step 3: preliminary inspection of the system board

When iSinwheel is completely dry, you can take on the inspection of the system board, using a screwdriver and dismantling the housing cover. Next, look for the motherboard and try to identify traces of contact with the liquid on it. Look for explicit drops of moisture or spots from them on the board after drying.

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If you still find the indicated signs of contact of the board with water, you need to remove the element and wipe it with a dry cloth if it drops, or with alcohol if it is the stains remaining from them. After that, give the board opportunity to dry out and only after that you can install it back.

Step 4: inspect the battery

There is more than one motherboard to focus on, the drive is also a critical element in the design of the scooter. Therefore, after immersing the car in water, carefully examine the battery. If traces of contact with liquid were detected, the drive will need to be replaced.