Should You Take a Scooter With You on a Vacation at Sea?

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Are you going to relax by the sea? Great! A resort town awaits you: beaches, swimming pools, excursions, beautiful architecture. However, in order for the rest to be a success, you need to take care of several important points in advance: housing, program, transport, etc.

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Why is it definitely worth taking a scooter to the sea?

The main feature of any resort town in the season is the numerous crowds of people on the streets. It’s not easy to get somewhere quickly in this anthill, and even if you’re not a local yet. Traditional transport options:

  • Buses and other public transport. They walk slowly because of traffic jams. There is a terrible crush and stuffiness inside.
  • Taxi. Traffic jams – okay, taxi drivers know how to deal with them, and sitting in someone’s personal car is much more comfortable than standing on the bus. There is another problem here: the price.
  • A rented moped. This is much closer to reality: you leave a deposit and cut through the busy streets on a two-wheeled horse, almost without interference. There are only two disadvantages: you need to be able to drive and have a license, and the owner of a moped can cheat.

So, it turns out that your scooter from iScooter, which you wisely took to the sea, is the same moped, but without disadvantages. You don’t need to look for a gas station, you already know how to ride it, no one will cheat with a pledge.

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Moving around the resort town on a scooter, you:

  • See the sights. Without too much haste, thoroughly, making stops where it is convenient for you. Scooters belong to light transport, you can safely ride an electric scooter even in a pedestrian zone, and this is just perfect for a tourist;
  • You won’t get tired. You constantly stay in the fresh air, you sunbathe, you don’t push anywhere, you don’t conflict with anyone, you don’t stand in traffic jams;
  • You will stay in good shape. The scooter will help to keep fit; you will return from vacation in a better condition than you were. Especially if you ride on an uneven surface on an Off road electric scooter.